Amateur MMA Fighter Beats The Brakes Off Dude Who Was Begging For A Fight

There are some pretty clear warning signs from the outside that it is not a good idea to fight someone. Firstly, if they are bigger then you and more in shape, that’s a fairly primarily obvious trigger that you could get your ass handed to you. Also, if they have a weapon, again, probably a better idea to back off. This clip is a great demonstration of the first sign as we see a weedy black guy try to take on a buff, MMA fighter on college grounds.

It is mid-Summer and boys are tops off, rigs out and ready to rumble. The black guy puts his hands up and rolls them, much to the delight of the cameraman, his friend, who thinks the whole situation is ludicrous. The white guy stands away from him and there is a bit of ‘what’s up’. It is pretty clear the white guy is hoping that his opponent won’t try anything stupid.

But stupid happens and the fight kicks off. As expected the white guy knows what he is doing. He opens with a low leg kick that takes the black guy completely unaware. His counter strikes are rushed and he is in out of his depth here. Confidence can only take one so far, and this guy has reached the end of the road. He is taken to the grass and pounded on. And that should be the end of it. But it is not.

The white guy tries to walk away multiple times, only to be pursued relentlessly by the annoying other guy who seems intent on stealing his bag. He is rattled and scattered from having his ass whooped earlier and really needs to rack off. He manages to wrestle with him a little while longer with multiple passers-by stopping to intervene. The fight is still going as the clip ends. Check out the encounter here.

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