Boxer Who Turned ,Shatters A Man’s Jaw In 7 Places And Then Poses For Selfies

A man on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia has shown a sickening lack of remorse after he walked free from court. The man had pleaded guilty to a one punch assault that took place during “Schoolies”. “Schoolies”, “Schoolie’s week” or “leavers” is a traditional week-long holiday for Australian high school graduates after the end of their final exams in late November and early December. “Toolies” refers to older participants who turn up to Schoolies week but are not high school graduates. The festivities have long been publicised by the Australian media for a higher frequency of violence, alcohol and drug abuse with the video you’re about to see is an example of one such violent episode.

A young man was walking through a populated area of the Gold Coast when he was set upon by a group of thugs. One of the thugs threw a jumping kick at the young man, before the assailant, Caleb Maraku sucker punched him from the side, sending the young man straight to the ground where he lay there, completely knocked out. It’s an absolutely appalling series of events. Not only is the young man preyed upon by a group of men, but he also gets attacked from the side, smacking his head on the pavement as he falls.

Maraku was sentenced to just 12 months probation following the attack and was ordered to pay his victim just $360 in compensation. With blatant disregard for his victim, Maraku smiled and laughed as he left the courthouse, taking selfies of himself with the media as he crossed the road. Conversely, the NSW government passed a “One Punch” alcohol law back in 2014 after a number of young men died due to alcohol-related violence in Sydney. This later saw legislation involving lock-outs and introduced an 8-year mandatory prison term for anyone who fatally punches someone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The legislation has since been criticised for ruining Sydney’s vibrant nightlife.

The mother of the victim has written a letter to Caleb in hope that it will force him to feel some remorse.

These are the hopes I have for the person who coward-punched my son. This is for you –

I hope you never get a message from your child’s best friend in the early hours of the morning saying that they have been king-hit and they are in a bad way.

I hope you don’t have to frantically ring around to find out if your child is still alive or critically injured.

I hope that you don’t have to get a photo of your child lying in a hospital bed with a brace around their neck not knowing if permanent damage has been done.

I hope you don’t have to receive a video of a coward hitting your child when you are at work and then have to survive the rest of the day with those horrific images, and the sound of your son’s head hitting the concrete playing over and over in your mind.

I hope you don’t have to explain to your 12-year-old daughter what has happened to her older sibling and have her in hysterical tears and petrified her brother won’t be coming home.

I hope you don’t then have sleepless nights over the following weeks as you constantly check on your child every hour to see that they are still breathing.

I hope you never have to be a single parent who has to spend thousands of dollars you don’t have just before Christmas to fix the damage another person has done to your child.

I hope you don’t spend your days thinking that your child’s sporting career may be over due to someone who can’t supposedly “handle” their alcohol.

I hope you don’t have to watch your child struggle each day with not being able to eat due to split teeth, head spins and horrific headaches weeks after being attacked.

I hope you never have to see your child so stressed out because they have to take an exam that will determine their future with no chance to study due to their injuries.

I hope you don’t have to spend every waking hour thinking “what if” and have all the different horrible scenarios going through your head 24/7.

I hope you don’t have to watch a video of the person who has hit your child laughing as they leave court and experience that sickening feeling that they really don’t care nor have any remorse not only for all the pain and suffering they have caused to the person they have hit, but the domino effect that it has had on all their family and friends.

I hope you never have to experience the feeling that your child may not have come home and how many lives that would have destroyed.

Above all, I hope you get to read this and finally understand what heartache and pain you have cause my beautiful little family and I hope that one day you will feel the need to take responsibility for your actions.

I do not wish any harm to come to you as I would never want your family to go through what we have gone through but I do wish that you take a good hard look at your actions and make the decision never to do this to another human being again.”

What side of the fence do you land on? How do you go about punishing someone for such a horrific assault on another human being? Check out the sickening clip showing the knockout and Caleb Maraku outside court in the player below and let us know what you think!

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