Father Hunts Down The Teacher Who Sexually Assaulted His Daughter


They say that South Americans are more passionate than the rest of the world. This may have been displayed when footage from a brutal beating surfaced from and Argentinean school. When it comes to family, parents can be protective, and rightfully so. There are a lot of sinister creeps out there just waiting to prey on the young and vulnerable. Parents often say that if they caught someone messing with their son or daughter that they would unleash hell. And that is just what we see here.


The back story is that a teacher, Jorge Creuceno, sent inappropriate text messages to a young girl at his school. The family found out about the messages prompting the father to come to the school to meet with the principle and other head teachers. But on his way to the office, he ran into the 30-year-old teacher in the corridor whilst walking with his daughter.

Like a bull seeing a red cloth, the father goes absolutely ballistic. The teacher, wearing blue in the footage below cops a swift barrage of punches that seem to go on and on. The halls of Santa Marta central echoed with the sounds of the blows and grunts as the teacher attempted to cover himself then flee from the enraged father.


His daughter is powerless to stop her father’s rampage as the teacher cops blow after blow. Eventually, she manages to get through to him and he stops. She pushes him away from the scene as the father yells abuse at the man who is covering his face and cowering.

Paramedics treated the teacher who required a number of stitches to put him back together. After receiving treatment for the damage caused by some 22 punches in 15 seconds, the accused then went to file a complaint against the father. The claims of his messages have not been proven, but the evidence against him must have been pretty compelling for the father to have gone to such extreme lengths.

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