Jacked Power Lifter Gets Eliminated For Calling The Wrong One A F**got

Homophobia really doesn’t have any place in modern society. If we must resort to petty insults there is a myriad of things we can choose to pick on about another person. But when trash talk enters the realm of things beyond one’s control that’s when it is not on.

The clip below shows why it is never a good idea to question a stranger’s sexuality because you never know how they will take it. This guy, despite having a decent size advantage got way more than he bargained for when he took on someone who really knew how to handle himself.

The two men are engaged in a heated argument on a public bus as the clip opens. They are both pretty jacked up and any fight they have is going to be heavy stuff. That’s when the white guy calls the black guy a “fag” which he doesn’t take terribly kindly to.


But this guy is not stupid. Rather than start it up on a moving bus, they alight at the next stop and engage in a proper, gentlemanly street fight on the footpath.


Both men face off against each other with the camerawoman choosing to come with them and wait for the next bus, so enticing is the impending duel. The bus slowly rolls away signalling the start of the brawl. The shirt comes off the black guy revealing a pulsating rig carved in the image of the gods themselves and he wastes no time executing a superb takedown. He swings wildly without proper connection before rolling the white guy to the curb and stomping his shoulder and kicking him in the head. No real damage is done and a woman comes and tells the men to move on if they don’t want to go to jail.


And move on they do, to a grassed area a few minutes down the road. Round one may have gone to the black guy, but the white guy looks the goods in round two, following diligently as the black guy dances around. But no, a superb strike comes out of nowhere absolutely finishing the white guy. It is intense.

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