Man Almost Beaten To Death For Sucker Punching Someone’s 65 Year Old Mother

Regardless of current stances on gender equality, it is widely noted that men shouldn’t hit women. The general difference in physical stature and strength is reason enough to provide a tradition blanket rule. There’s also a saying in the hood that you don’t dish out what you can’t take, which is exactly what hit home for this stoner who sucker punched the wrong mom in a Los Angeles Ghetto. Reportedly there were some pests degenerates getting stoned on a nice old lady’s front porch.

If you’re going to invade someone’s private property, trespassing and getting high, there’s got to be a few screws loose. After calling the police to complain and them doing nothing about it, she complained again. But the idiots didn’t take kindly to this and allegedly sucker punched her for complaining too much. The son, who caught word of the event, turns out to be an absolute beast. The clip below opens with the built son trying to drag one of the stoners down as he clings to the side of the house.

The son yells at the man that he is going to do him a serious disservice. After delivering a few punches, the stoner realities he is going to get an absolute pummeling and makes a terrified break for it. But his brain can’t keep up with his feet as he trips and stacks into a parked car, allowing the beast to catch up with him. He smacks him again and again, the stoner takes several punches to the jaw before trying again to get away.

Man Almost Gets Beat To Death For Sucker Punching Guy’s 65 Year Old Mother

The beast drags him back to the verge where, from a standing position, he belts him until he is unconscious. From there, he relentlessly continues, smacking the lifeless head from side to side, teeth flying out, brain rattling and jaw: likely broken. Watch the confronting incident here

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