Rapper Drake Calls Out Opponents For Boxing Debut In Savage Training Video

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Depending on who you ask, Drake is a pretty talented rapper. The Canadian-Born star has won 4 Grammy awards and been nominated a startling 42 times over his decade-long career. But not only this, he is an accomplished actor, gaining critical acclaim in starring roles on both the big and small screen. No doubt, the 32-year-old is a hell of a hard worker and his hard work is paying off.

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But his work ethic is not confined to his entrepreneurial pursuits and talents. Drake also brings it to his workouts. Having a tall, athletic frame, Drake is a pretty formidable sight in the gym. Whilst he may not be the biggest or most cut, he is doing better than most! In preparation for his upcoming tour “Assassination Vacation”, big Drake has sought out star boxing trainer and amateur champion “King” Hino Ehikhamenor so shed any unwanted pounds and shred right up. Who knows whether his rig will make a cameo as part of the tour, but fans would be licking their chops in anticipation.

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on a Sunday night while our opponents are RESTING & eating taco – we’re working on more GREATNESS! The Assassination World Tour begins in a few weeks – STAY READY!!! @champagnepapi 🦉 @ovoroxx 🦉

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